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    Firstly, on behalf of the team who has worked to deliver the Helston Community Forum, I extend to you a very warm welcome. I hope you enjoy what the forum has to offer and that you are an active member of what will hopefully become a vibrant, informative, entertaining and supporting aspect of our community.

    The aim of the Helston Community Forum is to bring closer together, the residents of Helston and those people who have an interest in the town, its issues, development and general talking points.

    Communication and interaction are fundamental to the success of any community. A small hamlet with tens of residents might achieve this through conversations at the local village hall, shop, church or pub. Larger communities such as Helston also chew over the issues of the day but, until now, we have done so in distinct and separate groups.

    Why not just use Facebook or another social media platform? A forum offers an easy search facility for information and previous discussions and provides much better categorization of topics and posts. It also provides private messaging functions and the Helston Community Forum is set up to accommodate all the subjects that are of interest of Helston residents (please let us know if you think that the subject headers need tweaking).

    The Helston Community forum will enable individuals and groups to highlight issues, advertise events and float ideas. I hope that it will encourage greater communication and therefore interaction between the people of Helston. If you belong to a charity or community group, you will be able to promote your worthy cause and update people on your latest projects, perhaps reaching a far greater audience than you currently do.

    This is a community forum and whilst we are generally happy to advertise events for charity and community groups, we are absolutely not interested in acting as a platform to promote straightforward commercial events. Before you advertise any event, clear it with a Moderator. We will consider advertising events from commercial organisations if they offer significant discounts to the members of this forum.

    Once again, welcome to the forum and feel free to join in the conversation.

    Dave Potter
    Admin and Mod